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Household Wheeled Bins

Wheelie Bins Software - Household

Dataset IT Systems Interlock for Waste incorporates a module to control the billing of household wheelie bins.

Waste contractors collecting domestic bins (waste and recycling) charge their customers in a variety of ways. This includes fixed charge, pay by lift, pay by weight and combinations of these. Naturally where ‘pay by lift’ or ‘pay by weight’ methods are applied, each bin needs to be fitted with an RFID tag (bin chip) in order to identify the bin and therefore attribute the lift (and weight) to an individual customer. Some or all accounts can be set so as to only facilitate bin collection where the account is in credit.

Where RFID is used the system allows the waste contractor to manage the stock of bins in the yard and also to know what customer has been assigned what bin. GPS co-ordinates are recorded for each bin delivery and therefore each bin can be shown on a map.

With RFID, the system can put accounts ‘on stop’ and the bins assigned to these accounts will be rejected by the waste collection vehicle.

Payments by customers may be made in a variety of ways, cheque in the post, payment in any post office, on-line credit card validation, payment card, direct debit etc.

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