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RFID Technology

RFID Technology

The systems from Dataset IT Systems as installed across our many customers, integrate with a variety of RFID technologies from a number of suppliers. Vehicle-based weighing and Identification systems rely on RFID as the means of being able to assign a specific bin to a specific customer and to apply the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

How does it work? Each bin is fitted with an unique RFID tag and a label with the customer account number displayed as a barcode. On delivery of a bin, the operator will scan the barcode, scan the RFID tag, assign a bin size (e.g. '240 litre') and assign a material type (e.g. 'mixed waste'). This operation marries that RFID tag to the customer and until the customer returns the bin, every time that bin is emptied the system will attribute the lift and the weight contained (if weighing is fitted) to the appropriate customer and charge it as a 240 litre mixed waste bin.

At the point of scanning the bin on delivery, the hand-held scanner records the GPS co-ordinates which then allows each bin to be plotted on a map. An entire route may also be displayed on a map.

Where a vehicle system sends the bin collection information back to base ‘over air’, the office system can show on a map who has been collected so far and who has yet to be collected. This helps in the handling of ‘missed bin’ customer queries.

The application of RFID affords greater control to the waste contractor in that each bin emptied by the lifter is recorded. Also those accounts that are outside their agreed payment terms can be put on stop automatically and the bins for those customers will be rejected by the vehicle.

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